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The Perfect Workation


Tired of working remotely from home? Are you looking to escape on the perfect workation? Look no further!  Imagine this, you wake up to panoramic views of mountains and serene landscapes, with the rich cultural heritage of the Hida region at your doorstep and the quiet charm of Murasaki Ryokan to fall back on. Welcome to the perfect workation. 

Takayama, known for its preserved Edo-period streets and traditional houses, offers a blend of history and modernity that makes it an ideal spot for remote work. At Murasaki Ryokan, this blend is seamlessly integrated into your everyday work life balance. Whether you’re seeking the solace and quiet of one of our private rooms, or craving the communal ambiance of the dormitories or social spaces, you’ll find the perfect space to foster productivity or creativity.

As you sit, planning your work, with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and the light of a new day filtering through shoji screens in the land of the rising sun. The High speed internet connectivity, will allow you to dive straight into your tasks. However, for those in search of a change of scenery, Daimasa offers a unique alternative. This local house welcomes visitors to use their wifi while enjoying impressive riverside views and the atmosphere of a traditional Japanese house.  Whether you go to work, study, or simply unwind, Daimasa provides a serene backdrop to which you can immerse yourself  in your tasks or thoughts.

But a workation isn't just about productivity! Take a break from your screen and explore the magical streets of Takayama. Walk through time in the old town, where beautifully preserved buildings date back to the feudal ages when Takayama thrived as a merchant town. Enjoy the shops, the cafes, take a ride in a rickshaw. If you’re feeling particularly bold, why not visit the Sake Breweries around the old town where you can sample a variety of Sake. The Breweries are open until 17:00 and the Sake tasting is relatively cheap. 

If Old towns and sake aren't your thing, take a walk around Shiroyama Park to enjoy the views and wildlife on a light and easy hike at the edge of town. Depending on the route the circuit can take anywhere from 60 - 150 minutes. You can complete it in an extended lunch break or take it in at the end of the day before relaxing at the local public bath. Then when you have more time, take a day trip to Kamikochi to really maximize the hiking experience and check out any of the surrounding Onsen on the way back. 

Takayama is a quiet city with plenty of room for you to take things at your own pace. Whether you want to sit back and get stuck into your work or spend your free time exploring one of Japan’s secret gems. So if you’re looking for a place to readjust the scales of your work life balance, Murasaki Ryokan in Takayama is the perfect place to be!

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