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Smart Hostel, Not a Big Brother House

In the heart of Japan’s scenic town of Takayama lies a unique lodging experience that merges modern technology with traditional hospitality. Welcome to Murasaki Ryokan and Smart Hostel, where innovation meets comfort without sacrificing privacy. Far from being a “Big Brother house”, this hostel aims to redefine smart living and hostel management in the travel industry.

Embracing Technology, Respecting Privacy

Today, Technology permeates every aspect of our lives and concerns about privacy are at an all time high. Murasaki Smart Hostels acknowledge these concerns and address them head on. While it boasts an array of smart features, from automated lighting, self check-ins, infrared sensors and smart cameras that can track moving guests throughout its communal areas, the hostel’s first and foremost commitment is to guest privacy.

Instead, the technology is used to boost guest freedoms without losing confidence in security. For example: 

Using Cameras the hostel can more freely promote the use of its facilities. QR codes can deliver local recommendations. Automated Lighting can reduce utility costs and promote sustainability. Infrared sensors can discern whether doors and windows are open, or things are not returned to their original place. Sound detection can notify staff when guests are too loud, perhaps even notify the guests in question. 

In this way, the guests are better equipped to a local experience more akin to co-living rather than the likes of a hotel. 

Community and Connectivity 

While the Smart Hostel leverages technology to enhance the guest experience, it never loses sight of the importance of human connection. In the hostel's communal areas, guests can connect with fellow travellers from around the world, sharing stories, swapping travel tips, and forging friendships that transcend borders. Whether it's bonding over a shared love of adventure or discovering a mutual appreciation for local cuisine, the hostel's communal spaces serve as vibrant hubs of traditional Japanese styled décor and social activity. 

And What if no one is there?

Located conveniently atop a treasure trove of Japanese snacks, sweets and treats, in a cosy corner of the room, you will find a small and unobtrusive screen portaling you into a different location should you simply decide to press unmute. Within Murasaki Hostel’s common room you’ll find a tablet connected via live stream to different branches. The same way you would facetime a friend, you can use it to speak to guests in a different Hostel, perhaps a different town, perhaps a different country. 

In Conclusion

Striking a balance between modern convenience and maintaining guest privacy, guests at Murasaki Ryokan and Smart Hostel enjoy a one-of-a-kind travel experience filled with local gems, found friends, and inspired intrigue.  It's a win-win situation that embodies the ethos of responsible travel and offers support to its daily operations. 

So, the next time you find yourself in Takayama, why not choose accommodation that's as smart as it is welcoming? At Murasaki Ryokan, you'll discover that technology and hospitality can coexist harmoniously, creating a travel experience that's truly unforgettable.

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